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Hummingbird and freedom

Courtney Tiner, MS
Licensed Mental Health Counselor
EMDR Certified Clinician



Therapy is a deeply personal experience. It is the only healthy relationship that is intentionally all about you.  The therapeutic relationship facilitates a safe, supportive, and confidential space where self-discovery, healing, and growth can take place.


EMDR, or Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing, is a form of therapy that aids in the consolidation and processing of distressing memories, thoughts, phobias, or nightmares. Using Dual-Attention Stimulation, we work with the brain to "remove the emotional charge" associated with distressing memories.  

Perinatal Mental Health

1 in 5 birthing persons suffer from a perinatal mood and anxiety disorder. Perhaps this time of transition isn't what you were expecting. If that's you, you're not alone. You are not to blame. And with help, you can get better.

Premarital & Couples Counseling

Whether you are seeking to recover from a detrimental infidelity or breech of trust, or simply wanting to reconnect at a deeper level with your partner, I will work with you to reclaim your identity, gain clarity, and come up with an amicable plan for the future.

Therapy Sessions
My Approach

Throughout my professional career, I have gained training in several different evidence-based therapeutic modalities and am always seeking to learn more in order to best serve my clients. I take an eclectic, comprehensive, holistic approach that is tailored to each person who engages in the therapeutic process with me.

I love working with self-proclaimed "performers" and perfectionists, men and women who are high achievers and influencers but have a strong inner critic, fueled by fear and shame. They are often highly intuitive (empaths, even!), are often entrepreneurs, are burnt out and seeking personal growth and freedom from habits and behaviors that hold them in bondage. I also love working with people in transitory stages in their lives, specifically, new mothers. 

About me

I’m so glad you’re here. I’m Courtney and it is my fervent desire as a therapist to see you ignite your passion and thrive in a life of freedom and fulfillment. It’s been my privilege to work alongside individuals and couples as they take their personal lives, families, careers, and communities to the next level.

Getting Help

 Are you struggling with emotional wounds and detrimental thoughts and behavior patterns? Do you feel disconnected from your loved ones, fearful of the future, or debilitated by self-doubt and shame? Whether you are working to find healing from severe traumas or seeking to have a greater sense of vision and purpose, my goal is to help you experience a life that is creative, fulfilling, and life-giving by providing you with a non-judgmental, safe, supportive space.









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